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Why PythonLegends?
We are a team of Python experts and educators dedicated to helping students master Python programming. Our instructors have years of experience teaching and working with Python in real-world applications.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality Python education that is engaging, practical and affordable. We strive to equip students with in-demand skills that open doors to exciting career opportunities.

Our online Python course features interactive lessons, practical exercises and hands-on projects to help students learn through doing. We provide personalized support to ensure every student succeeds.

Thousands of students from all backgrounds and experience levels have improved their Python skills and career prospects through our course. We take pride in helping students unleash their potential and transform into Python legends.
Unleash Your Potential as a Python Developer
Learn on demand
Our online course gives you the flexibility to learn Python at your own pace and schedule from anywhere.
Tailored for all
The lessons are suitable for all skill levels from beginners to intermediate learners aiming to improve their Python skills.
Practical learning
Interactive materials, exercises and projects help you apply Python concepts to reinforce your understanding.
Expert guidance
Experienced instructors provide support and resources throughout your learning journey to ensure you succeed in mastering Python.

Lesson plan

Term 1 (Beginner)
Python basics: variables, data types, operators, control flow, functions, modules
Object oriented programming fundamentals: classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism
Exceptions handling
File I/O
Term 2 (Intermediate)
Data structures: lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets
String manipulation
Lambda functions and map/filter
Decorators and closures
Regular expressions
Term 3 (Advanced)
Databases and SQL
Web development with Flask or Django
Unit testing
Multithreading and multiprocessing
Python GUI development
Data analysis with NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib
Machine learning fundamentals with scikit-learn
Access our Python lessons for:
as a beginner to explore the basics of variables, functions and object-oriented programming.
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as a junior developer to build a strong foundation in core Python concepts.
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as an intermediate learner to expand your knowledge of advanced topics like data structures, decorators and regular expressions.
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as an advanced student to enhance your expertise through in-depth tutorials and hands-on projects.
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as a professional to gain comprehensive training and practical experience applying Python concepts to real-world applications.
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as an expert to elevate your Python skills through challenging projects and mastery of advanced concepts.
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as a specialist to gain practical experience with hands-on projects that hone your coding abilities and problem-solving skills.
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as an authority to explore cutting-edge Python techniques and advanced libraries.
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as a guru to refine your skills through advanced projects that demonstrate mastery of Python programming.
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Reviews from our graduates
Michael Brown
This Python course has been extremely helpful in advancing my skills from a beginner level to an intermediate level. The lessons are logically structured and the instructor does an excellent job of breaking down complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn Python.
Linda Johnson
I have learned a tremendous amount from this Python course! The materials cover everything from the basics to advanced topics in a very thorough manner. The instructor has a strong knowledge base and explains concepts in a clear and organized way. The practice exercises and projects have really helped me apply what I've learned and cement the concepts in my mind. This course has been incredibly useful in my Python learning journey.